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This book reveals the TRUTH about what customers need from your salespeople and how you can leverage 5 simple ideas to start helping more customers and selling more cars…FAST!

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Between every customer and every sale there is a problem. Learn how to identify and eliminate it.

To discover your customer’s problem, join their team

Ask questions to show genuine interest and help reveal the customer’s true problem

Giving real value allows you to earn respect and sales

Customers close themselves when they feel heard, understood and guided.

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""This book can teach even old dogs new tricks. Being in the car business all my life, I recognized most of the characters in it and I believe most other car people will, too. It will surely get your wheels turning and may even make you rethink how you currently look at the business and how your sales people sell cars."   and start using it tomorrow."

- Tony Malito
Owner, Budget Cars Sales

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